Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day of Rest and Thanks

Yesterday, I had an angiogram to check for coronary artery blockage. Today I am resting up from the procedure. Let me go back to the beginning. Last January, I had some minor prostate surgery, and when the anesthesiologist game into the OR, he asked me if I had ever had a heart attack. I answered "NO". He said "well according to this EKG you have". That prompted me to call my cardiologist. He checked the EKG in question and informed me that that guy didn't know what he was talking about, the EKG was no different from all the ones he had taken over the past 10 years. Then he said, "you are about due for a stress test so let's set one up for October". I made an appointment and had the stress test and nuclear scan October 1st. On the 8th, I went to his office to get the results, and was informed that the left side of my heart was not getting sufficient blood flow during exercise. He asked if I had any symptoms and I said no. I also told him I had been taking a supplement called Pro-Argi9 that was created by a Dr. Anne de wees Allen and that Dr. Randall Maxey, former President of the National Medical Association said if you take this supplement he could almost guarantee you would not die from a heart attack or stroke. He, of coursed was very skeptical and said if that were true there would be no heart disease. He then reminded me that the angiogram I had seven years ago showed 30-40% blockage in two left arteries. This is considered minimal and not even labeled coronary artery disease. He said one of two things had happened, either it was a mistake or the blockage had increased. We elected to err on the side of caution, and scheduled the angiogram for yesterday. Well, a minor miracle had happened. It was a mistake, but most significantly, the previous blockage was gone! When he came in to my room to tell me the results, he asked " what was that stuff you're taking"? So, yesterday and today, I am just resting to allow the entry sight to heal. Any one interested in this amazing supplement go to Dr. Allen's web site www.proargi9.com.

Tonight we have a rehearsal for Teachers Lounge. The play is coming along very well and promises to be a great show. It is one of the most fun roles I have had in a long while. It is great to do a non-musical again. It has been a long time for me since doing a drama/comedy. Because of my love of singing, I have stuck to musicals for the past 10 years. Actually, the only community theater company here in town is the Saint George Musical Theater. I am really excited to be associated with a company that will do a variety of plays.


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That is great about your heart! I hope you are feeling better!

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