Thursday, October 11, 2007

We're Back

As all of you know, we have not been very diligent on posting, since there has been nothing since May! That is only because we don't have time to post.
David is now involved in two plays. He is assistant director for a Readers Theater Production of "The Ravine", an adaptation of a Ray Bradbury short story. Judy has a part in the show and is beginning to understand how D got bit by the performing bug. D is playing a major part in "The Teachers Lounge", a play about a bunch of disgruntled high school English teachers in the New York City School System. Of course this means many, many rehearsals, so not much gets done in the evenings. These shows are being presented by a new community theater company called the Dixie Dramatic Association. D is on the artistic committee and also does the publicity for the company. It is being sponsored by the City of St George Leisure Services department. There is an old building in town called the Opera House which in the 1800's was the center of culture in SG. Since the Saint George Musical Theater grew out of the Opera House, there has been no theater productions there and the City wanted to return performances to it. It is a lot of fun being in on the startup of a new company like this, but also a lot of frustration and work. Getting the word out to the public is our biggest problem since we have no advertising budget. So we rely on independent publications and PSAs on local radio stations. We have had to recruit actors for the first few productions, rather than audition them, because we are still quite an unknown entity.
That's all the time for today, will try to be more diligent in the future.


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you are kidding! I never thought you would be back!

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