Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What next?

AS you may or may not know, I am currently appearing in the production of Damn Yankees put on by the St George Musical Theater. The show has been going great! Last Saturday, however, I had a slight accident on stage. At the end of the number "You've Gotta Have Heart" in which I have the solo, we stack locker room benches two high with two bases and one crossing those at a 90 degree angle looking like a capital H or I depending on your angle of perspective. Well, I am supposed to climb to the top of the upper bench, swing my legs over and strike a pose with my hat in the air at the very end of the number. As I swung one leg over the bench, I did not have my butt far enough on the bench so I lost my balance and tumbled backwards to the floor, about a four foot drop. Fortunately I didn't do any permenant or serious damage, but I sure had a headche for a while! I also had several bruises and ached all over on Sunday and Monday. Then on Monday, I went to pick up my truck from the repair shop after having some electrical work done, and got about 2 blocks away when suddenly the cab began to fill with acrid smoke. A totally unrelated wire had shorted and started the carpet on fire. I got a lung full of toxic gas and almost passed out. I did a quick U turn and went back to the service station, and literally fell out of the truck while the mechanic doused the fire with a hose. I then went to the emergency room for some oxygen and a breathing treatment. Remember, I had to perform last night! after the O2 and Breathing treatment, I felt fine, and was able to sing with no problem last night, but today my chest sure hurts! I'm beginning to see where my grandson Hilton gets his accident proneness.

Our gas mileage increase business is growing very quickly. I got 24% increasein mileage and about 150 % increase in performance in my truck, and my Caddy is already up about 12% on only less than half a tank! I am really impressed in this product and so are a lot of other folks.

May is shaping up to be a very busy month, then in June, I have to have surgery for replacement of my morphine pump and repair of a ventral hernia along with a "tummy tuck" because of all the weight I lost. We are taking a 5 day trip to San Diego to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary on the 16th of May. Then all our kids and grand kids will be gathering in St George for the blessing of Chris and Allison's new twin boys, Jonah and Matthew.

Will keep you informed of our progress.


Anonymous jenny said...

It sounds like you had as good a week as I did! Hope the next one goes a lot better for you!

1:26 PM  

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