Thursday, April 06, 2006

David & Judy Shuck

David & Judy Shuck
What are the three most important issues on the minds of Americans right now? In my opinion they are: Illegal Immigration; The Iraq War; and The Price of Gasoline! My thoughts: Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. Why the big debate? Do we have such debate of any other criminals? Would we pardon all shoplifters, muggers, rapists, thiefs, robbers,murderers? So why pardon illegal , read criminal, immigrants? Race has nothing to do with this issue. My grandfather came to this country for Italy, whose people were despised at the time, and had to wait years to bring his family here legally. My grandmother sat alone in Italy waiting for her turn to receive permission to enter the country. My uncle stayed in Italy until he was 17 years old before he came here. Meanwhile he had 8 brothers and sisters born in America! I'm all for a guest worker program, after we deport all those who have broken the law by sneaking into our country, and SECURE our borders to stop the flow of more criminals! I have never understood why if so many Mexicans want to come to America, why they can't simply copy what we do and turn Mexico into another USA! What is the big mystery? Are we really that much smarter that them thay they can't simply imitate what we do? They certainly have the same abundance of natural resources we have, and apparently a work force that will do anything! I just don't get it!

As far as the Iraq war is concerned, regardless of whether we should have gone there in the first place,(and I support the position that we had to) cutting and running will do more harm now than any thing else we could do. We MUST win now. We cannot leave and allow those people to falter and end up worse off than they were. If we stay, Iraq could become another Japan, rebuilt in our image, productive, participative, properous and a staunch ally in an area of the world where we badly need one.

As to gas prices, I sincerely believe that the major oil companies are motivated strictly by greed and will continue to gauge the American people until we are paying $6 to $7 a gallon for gas, like most of the rest of the world. But we are not the rest of the world! We can certainly develop the technology to stop this nonsense in its tracks. (see We MUST develop alternative sources of energy for such things as heating homes, producing electricity and yes, even powering our vehicles. If we could send a man to the moon, why can't we produce a fuel efficient system to power an automobile. This is ludicrous! I believe that the oil industry and and automobile industry are in collusion to prevent this from happening in order to maximize their own profits. The Federal Government busted up AT&T and look what happened to the cost of phone service! Now we can get complete service through the internet with unlimited free long distance in the USA, CANADA, and PUERTO RICO, for just $25 a month! It's time to remove all the professional, connected politicians from office and start from scratch. For the past 40 years I have advocated voting every single incumbent out of office after two terms. Then maybe they would get the message that they are there to serve "we the people", not feather thier own nests! Rise Up America, use the power of your vote to let Washington know we just won't take it anymore!


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